AudioUnit to OpenSoundControl

AUOSC is a (free) virtual AudioUnit Plug-In instrument wich send back MIDI / Host Sync information it receives to a remote or local host over the network.

AUOSC uses the OpenSoundControl protocol to pass those information so you can sync / control external OSC aware applications.

AUOSC is released under the GPL licence. Code available upon request at thelych [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

SMALL DISCLAIMER: AUOSC was currently a small example project and a first approach to the AudioUnit framework. It is far from being complete and should be considered as an alpha version. So do not expect it to be as effective as a stable product :) I may improve it in future... but i do not have really time by now to fully complete / optimize it.


AUOSC.dmg (AudioUnit + Documentation + Examples)


AUOSC screenshot

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